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Best Trips

Next-Generation Travel Meta-Optimizer 

We use advanced AI, algorithms and machine learning to evaluate thousands of variables, check different routes and online resources in real time in order to provide travel agents with the best itineraries that meet consumers needs and expectations.

Next-Generation Travel Meta-Optimizer 

Planning a Trip is a

long and difficult task

For a travel agent, planning a Trip that optimizes time, budget, destinations and activities is a long and difficult task. This process can take hours, even days, and it is very hard to find the optimal route and itinerary for every single trip.


Use our technology to automate this tedious planning process! 

TripYeah automates this planning process, helping travel agents respond faster, reduce costs, and improve their conversion rate. ​We replace a process that takes hours, with optimized itineraries in just seconds. Use our technology to automatize this tedious planning process!

cheaper -


Minimize price

Get itineraries that keep the price to a minimum. Of all the possible combinations, we find the cheapest.

faster -


Minimize transportation hours

Find the fastest itinerary that reduces the number of hours of flights, stopovers and other means of transportation (Trains, Buses, Ferries, etc).

recommended -


Minimize prices

and hours of transport

Find the itinerary that balances a lower price with flight hours and stopovers.


optimize and

find the best Itineraries​

More efficient, cheaper and faster itineraries! -

More efficient, cheaper and faster itineraries!

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