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Nezasa acquires TripYeah to add a new starter solution to its product suite and expands its international presence to Latin America.

Travel technology provider Nezasa has acquired TripYeah to integrate its flight itinerary optimizer technology into its portfolio of solutions for travel management companies. TripYeah was launched a year ago to provide flight routing optimization technology based on algorithms and artificial intelligence to Travel Agents, Airlines and OTAs.
TripYeah has recently announced a funding round of USD 1.1m, bringing the total funding of the two companies up to USD 14m. Together, the two companies serve customers around the world, such as European tour operating giants TUI Group and FTI, as well as GoWay and Grupo Gea in the Americas.

As part of the deal, TripYeah co-founders Elías Musalem, Fernando Ordoñez and Miguel Rodriguez will join Nezasa in senior management roles. All other existing TripYeah staff will join the Nezasa business.

Nezasa’s core product is TripBuilder, the first fully working enterprise-grade SaaS solution that tames the huge complexity involved in providing the connected trip. TripYeah’s technology will become an additional product alongside Nezasa’s existing applications used by TourOperators, Travel Agents, DMCs etc.

The technology behind TripYeah optimizes complex flight routes in a matter of seconds. It does so by verifying all options based on real-time availability and optimizes them according to time, costs, number of stops and CO2 emissions. This fast and automated process enables travel agents to respond to consumer inquiries much quicker than today. Consequently, it results in both higher conversion rates for travel agents and cheaper, more efficient and sustainable travel itineraries for travelers.

TripYeah’s product, which will be called TripOptimizer, will play a significant role in the company’s portfolio. Not only will its capabilities make TripBuilder more powerful, especially in the area of flight planning, but it will also become the starter product within the suite. TripOptimizer is quick and easy to adopt, allowing travel agencies to take advantage of advanced route optimization algorithms on top of their existing booking systems.

Manuel Hilty, chief executive of Nezasa, said: “Our vision for Nezasa from the outset has been to continue enhancing and developing our product and service in order to best help our customers. TripYeah’s value proposition and technology naturally fit into Nezasa’s proposition and will help us accelerate this development and create more value faster.

TripYeah has approached the complex problem of route optimization in a smart and efficient way. TripOptimizer not only delivers superior routing to complex itineraries, it also is a B2B application with the simplicity of a B2C experience.

We are excited to bring TripYeah on board as part of our journey and to be able to offer our clients an innovative online booking solution designed to suit the needs of their customers. The acquisition is also a great cultural fit for Nezasa because both teams aimed to bring a fresh, disruptive approach to the travel business landscape.

We are also delighted to welcome Elías, Fernando, Miguel and TripYeah staff to our business. They will help us scale up both our tech innovation and growth. And last but not least, having an operational base in Chile will allow us to be much closer to the Latin American market and accelerate our global expansion.”

Elias Musalem, chief executive of TripYeah, mentioned: “Our mission has always been to find solutions that make travel agents more productive and make the best use of their resources. In this way, this agreement with Nezasa is entirely consistent with achieving our goals.

In addition, both businesses are complementary, so we will work together collaboratively to meet customers’ requirements more quickly than ever.

For TripYeah, becoming part of this high-performance team is a huge opportunity which we are undoubtedly delighted and enthusiastic about. We are eager to be an integral part of this challenging journey that is just beginning.”


About Nezasa

Nezasa is an industry-leading technology provider for automated trip planning, fulfilment and personalisation. Nezasa’s TripBuilder platform is the first fully working enterprise-grade SaaS solution that tames the huge complexity involved in providing the connected trip. It bridges various industry silos (flights, hotels, cars, trips etc.) into a seamless customer experience for B2B and B2C. Using Nezasa, travel brands can easily and efficiently provide their customers with bespoke and completely individualised offers, regardless of their complexity. Nezasa’s solution covers all aspects of the travel lifecycle - from booking over in-destination experiences until the completion of the trip.

Nezasa has offices in Switzerland, Portugal and representation in Germany and the UK. Nezasa provides its platform in a white-label software-as-a-service model to travel brands (tour operators, travel agents and OTAs) around the world.

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