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TripYeah develops the first CO2 calculator for the Latin American tourism industry

Beyond fostering growth and economic development, the tourism sector is particularly vulnerable to climate change. As a result, many possibilities are expanded with the constant growth forecasted (87% in tourist journeys from 2016 to 2030 - UNWTO 2020), however these opportunities must be complemented with responsible actions, in order to meet the goals of the "Net Zero emissions by 2050”. 

This is why TripYeah has chosen to take action and raise awareness among travellers about the environmental impact of each segment travelled. As a result, we developed our own CO2 calculator that displays the travel carbon footprint produced by each passenger both per way and during the entire trip. All TripYeah users get free access to this new feature. In addition, we can provide the calculator separately, in API format.

Don't pass up the chance to measure the CO2 emissions of your passengers.

The aviation sector has long been an obstacle to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activities. Despite the industry's commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the technology (electric and hydrogen aircraft - UNWTO 2020)  probably will not be practical before the year 2040. Therefore, establishing people's awareness of their carbon footprint release during regular travel is a first step in the tourism sector's sustainability transition. The following step will be to offset them.


According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO, 2020), by 2030 tourism emissions relating to transport (excluding cruises) will be 1,998 million tonnes of CO2, which would represent 23% of total emissions in transport and 5.3% of global emissions caused by human activities. Consequently, TripYeah has laboured arduously to provide the Carbon Calculator, developed on the main methodology used in the airline industry and published by the European Environment Agency (EEA, 2019).


We are confident that TripYeah is on the right track with this type of initiative. It is essential to support the transition toward being more sustainable and provide tools to our clients the resources they need to lead this change.

Let's plan together an optimal itinerary, in real time and environmentally conscious travel.


Now, not only save money, time, and effort, with TripYeah 

also you can be more sustainable.

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